Gotway MCM5v2 14”. ‘The Mountain Climber’. 800Wh/1500W

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Until recently, Gotway Electric Unicycles presented a dilemma to prospective Buyers; on paper these machines were leaps-and-bounds ahead of the pack for top-end performance, but the benefits were offset by a checkered history of reliability, particularly on the controller.

What has changed since the advent of the MCM5, is the adoption of a brand new controller architecture, with MOSFETs (the solid-state circuitry that drive the motor) that are now capable of supporting micro-second burst loads of up to 1000 Amps & 300+ Amps for up to a few seconds, representing a three fold increase over the previous generation.

Furthermore, the Wheel is equipped with a 1500W sustained motor—which is double that of any other 14″—& a battery capacity of up to 800Wh. The result is a Wheel that not only looks impressive on paper, but in the few months that it has been available, winning widespread acclaim & praise from those seasoned Riders who that have used it. If you’re seeking a high-performance practical machine, that is nimble, with massive amounts of torque for hill climbing, high reliability, along with a cruising speed that you won’t find on another 14″, then the MCM5 stands quite apart.

  • Sheer Power: there is no other Wheel that comes anywhere near to approaching the performance prowess of the MCM5. The nominal motor power is double that of the KS14 series & is equipped with the same ultra high spec control-board as the latest MSX. Veteran Riders describe this Wheel as possessing incredible unrivaled torque for taking on extreme gradients, that other models would not be able to cope with.    
  • Range: the MCM5’s battery pack capacity of 800Wh, is just a tad short of the KS14S at 840Wh, with a realistic range rating for around 40 miles, using the typical flat, smooth, terrain with a 160lb Rider rating. Another advantage of having a larger 60 cell battery pack, is it’s ability to receive higher charging current, up to 5 Amps, spread out over the three parallel packs.   
  • Reliability: historically Gotway have had a bad rap for component reliability, particular with the MOSFETs (which drive the motor). Since the MCM5’s release back in April, there had yet to be a single reported instance a failure on this model. 
  • Virtually silent: on nearly all other Electric Unicycles, as soon as it is powered on, the motor emits a distinctive audible whine; this can be particularly annoying & off-putting to some people. The Gotway Engineers have tuned their controller motor frequency, where the characteristic noise emission is all but eliminated. 
  • Atmospheric LEDs: there are two LED strips positioned at the top of the Wheel. You can change the color patterns, or mode, by short-tapping the power button to one of six themes.  
  • Comparatively Small & Practical: as a 14″, the MCM5 is quite compact, making it convenient to stow in tight spaces, such as underneath a seat. Another benefit of a smaller diameter size, is the ability to make sharp turns, maneuver in congested areas more readily than the larger Wheels.
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