MultiPin Virtual Pinball Machine

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Play Scores of Pinball Games On One Machine

The Multipin is your one-stop-shop for the ultimate home virtual pinball machine. It's a full-size pinball cabinet complete with three video screens and a booming sound system, plus a working ball launch plunger and all mod cons.

There are two versions to choose from, each optimised for a slightly different customer.

Choose Multipin Pro or Multipin Plus

The Multipin Pro is designed for experienced players with knowledge of emulator software and confidence in downloading games. It's supplied with Visual Pinball and Future Pinball emulator software, so you can obtain all the games you want from the many emulator sites online. Simply connect Multipin to your wifi and download - the preloaded menu system will take care of the rest.

The Multipin Plus is designed as a "plug in n' play" machine. It's preloaded with a fully-licenced official game pack that includes over 70 hit titles from six major pinball manufacturers, including Bally, Williams and Midway. They run on the Pinball Arcade menu, but Visual Pinball and Future Pinball will also be installed so you can download additional games later on. This means you can get playing straight away, with no need to download games. See the complete preloaded games list by clicking the button.

The beating heart of this machine is the pre-fitted, high-performance gaming PC, specifically prepared to provide lightning-fast pinball action. Easily add detailed, accurate recreations of the best real pinball machines of the last 50 years, as well as modern pinball games intended originally for digital platforms and consoles. The choice available is massive - just find your favourites from the arcades of the 1970s and 80s, download and play.

What Is The MultiPin

The Multipin is a full-size arcade-standard video game machine designed to play virtual pinball games - digital representations of real pinball machines.

The large, flat LCD screen can display any playfield with ease, complete with the same moving features, mission systems, targets, bumpers, ramps, flashing lights and more. The table also keeps your score while you're playing any given table.

Two more screens in the backbox present an authentic game backglass graphic, as well as a fully-functional replica dot matrix display. The triggers fire the flippers instantly, with no lag or delay, and the bright, detailed screens move just as fast as the real thing. The MultiPin plays just like a real pinball.

Hyper-Realistic Pinball Gaming

Hit the start button and get ready! Use the special launch plunger, designed to give the same spring pressure as the real thing, to start your game. Within seconds you'll be so engrossed that you'll forget you're watching a screen.

The game experience itself is hyper-realistic and immersive. The ball moves at lightning speed and sets off glowing lighting effects, booming sound effects and unique game features. With MultiPin, your entire pinball collection is contained in one ultra-reliable table, ready to play whenever you are.

Quick & Easy To Set Up

The cabinet itself is identical to a full-size, modern, commercial-standard pinball. With the backbox retracted and legs unbolted, it's small enough to fit through a standard doorway. It's made in a tough wood and finished with radical, unique MultiPin graphics.

It's supplied with only minimal construction needed. Simply unfold the backbox and lock it into place, and bolt the legs on. Plug it into the wall, fire it up and you're ready to load up your favourite games.

Key Features

  • Full-size commercial-standard pinball machine cabinet.
  • Two versions: Multipin Pro, preloaded with emulator & menu system only, and Multipin Plus, preloaded with over 70 licenced games.
  • Both versions preloaded with Visual Pinball and Future Pinball emulator/menu software. Any games compatible with these emulators can be downloaded.
  • Back box designed to fit through a normal doorway.
  • Pre-fitted with lightning-fast PC & emulator software.
  • Ready to be loaded with your favourite games.
  • Nearly half the current price of a new mechanical pinball machine.
  • Hi-res LCD playfield, display & back box screens.
  • Arcade standard buttons.
  • Metal ball launch plunger.
  • Fully-functional coin mech can be enabled or disabled. Use the MultiPin as a piggy bank!
  • Metal legs & metal hand rest.
  • Coin mech fitted but disabled.
  • Full stereo sound with HIVI speakers.
  • Minimal installation. The back box is unfolded from its locked shipping position, the four legs are bolted on, & the game can commence.
  • Even if you own a physical pinball, enjoy playing pinball playfields you may never get the chance to try.
  • Wifi-ready with included Wifi card.
  • Includes keyboard & mouse for PC interface.
  • Design Registration: 6015495.

Tech Spec

The MultiPin is equipped with a high-performance gaming PC.

  • i5 Quad-core PC.
  • 120GB SSD HD & 8GB RAM.
  • GT graphics card.

Screen specifications:

  • Main playfield: 42-inch LG LCD screen under 6mm tempered glass.
  • Backglass: 26-inch Samsung screen under 4mm tempered glass.
  • DMD simulation: 16-inch Samsung screen.
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