Buy A Tesla With Bitcoin

If you want to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin then Crypto Emporium is the leading cryptocurrency marketplace for automobiles. As many people have seen their crypto investments rise, more people are looking for ways to get the most from their coins. 

We have seen an increasing demand from people looking to find ways to spend their cryptocurrency. This usually involves cashing out via a crypto exchange and getting your coin out in fiat. However, in 2021 Elon Musk famously announced that Tesla would accept payment for their vehicles in Bitcoin. He then famously retracted the offer a few months later, citing environmental concerns around mining.

Crypto Emporium has a wide selection of Tesla models available for purchase with cryptocurrency. All of the cars listed on our site are from reputable dealers who are happy to accept payment in leading cryptocurrencies like Tether, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Buying a Tesla with Bitcoin saves you all of the fees that would need to be paid to have your crypto converted into fiat.

Paying for a Tesla using Bitcoin is simple. If you find a model that you like then you can either make a direct purchase or request more information from the seller and go from there. We list all cars with the most up-to-date coin prices to ensure you get the best value from your purchase. Crypto Emporium also has a generous rewards programme so you can earn rewards for purchases on a wide range of cars and motorbikes.

MakeTesla Mileage2000 Origin CountryEurope Year2020
In stock
3.490714 BTC
ColourBlack MakeTesla Mileage15,000 Miles Origin CountryUK Year2020
In stock
4.326118 BTC
ColourBlue Metallic MakeTesla Mileage20,000 Origin CountryEurope Year2020
In stock
2.543416 BTC
ColourGrey MakeTesla Mileage6,000 Miles Origin CountryUK Year2022
In stock
1.862488 BTC
ColourWhite MakeTesla Mileage10,000 Miles Origin CountryUK Year2022
2.010033 BTC
MakeTesla Mileage1000 Origin CountryUSA Year2018
In stock
3.045614 BTC
MakeTesla Mileage1000 Origin CountryEurope Year2020
In stock
3.541225 BTC
MakeTesla Mileage1000 Origin CountryCanada Year2017
In stock
4.657997 BTC
MakeTesla Mileage1000 Origin CountryUK Year2020